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Messenger Marketing: Conversational Commerce, Driving Sales, & Building Brands Yash K, AWasia 2019

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Messenger Marketing: Conversational Commerce, Driving Sales, & Building Brands Yash K, AWasia 2019

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Last holiday season, 2/3 of people messaged a business globally. Customers expect immediate, authentic personal interaction when communicating with brands of products – it’s the most important channel in the path to purchase. Yash Kotak has been a trailblazer in Messenger marketing, redefining new ad formats and building out entire sales checkouts within Messenger. He’s going to share how you can take advantage of it on stage at AWA19.

He’ll share how conversational advertising and branding can create an enhanced user experience and allow you to be at your customers’ fingertips by building omni-channel brands. Then he’ll show success stories from big brands like Disney, Ben and Jerry’s, and Unilever and how they use conversational commerce to get over 2x sale conversions from social media campaigns. These exact methods can be applied to any ecommerce brand, small to medium sized, no discrimination! To finish it off, Yash will provide inside tips for monetising conversational commerce for performance marketing and social media agencies.

Speech by Yash Kotak

Yash Kotak is co-founder and CEO of, the first automated social and messaging commerce platform. It allows brands to sell direct-to-consumers on social media platforms and messaging apps.

Under his leadership, has successfully worked with over 11,000 businesses worldwide. Marvel, Disney, Ben & Jerry’s, and Unilever are some among the list.

Yash possesses more than 20 years of experience building ecommerce solutions. As a result, he thrives on the web, flirts with artificial intelligence, and builds unified commerce experiences across popular social messaging platforms.

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