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How To Build A Facebook Ad Swipe File

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How To Build A Facebook Ad Swipe File

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You Facebook Ads Swipe File is your personal source for inspiration and ideas when writing ads on Facebook. If you want to download my personal swipe file, go here

writing ads that convert is the number one most important part of successful Facebook advertising. Studying the ads that convert for your competitors and for successful businesses outside of your niche is a great way to get better at making ads pay.

If you would like to be walked through the process of analyzing individual Facebook ads for my swipe file at a deeper level, watch this video next:

This video above explains how to analyze the ads in your Facebook add swipe file so you can maximize the understanding and value from these ads.

The video you’re watching here explains how to build out your personal Facebook ad swipe file, so they work together

You do need to have the correct Facebook ads strategy in place in order to maximize the reach and lower the cost per click and cost per conversion with your Facebook ads.

I cover the entire Facebook ads strategy that is working today in 2021 in this video here:

If you want to see behind the scenes about how I set up the strategy in campaigns and AdSense on Facebook, watch this video here:

For my most up-to-date training on Facebook ads of course you should check the free training out at

and finally, be sure that you are ready for all of the changes being forced upon Facebook advertisers by the Apple iOS 14 update. I cover all of the information you need to know in an interview with my personal advertising manager in this video here

I hope you enjoy this Facebook advertising video and leave me a comment if you want more videos about Facebook ads.

Miles Beckler

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