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Conversations With a Marketer: The Nick Shackelford Tapes

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Conversations With a Marketer: The Nick Shackelford Tapes

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From saving goals to scaling Apple campaigns, Nick Shackelford’s journey to the top isn’t like any other.

The Californian Facebook marketer opened up to AWC’s Chad Wilton in an hour-long in-depth interview to touch on his turbulent journey to becoming one of today’s top Facebook ads specialists.

Nick gives us a glimpse into his crystal ball on the current state of ecommerce, plus reveals a massive new audience that’s just coming online for the first time. This one’s jam-packed full of goodness.

Treat your ears to:
πŸ“Œ [00:00] Intro
πŸ“Œ [09:42] Nick’s journey from pro footballer to pro media buyer
πŸ“Œ [19:22] Taking a bite out of $450k Apple budgets
πŸ“Œ [25:45] $2 CPAs for Fidgetly
πŸ“Œ [27:20] Building his personal brand
πŸ“Œ [44:12] Building out his agency powerhouse
πŸ“Œ [47:06] Why he’s focused on media buying, creatives, and education
πŸ“Œ [51:34] Equity deals versus performance deals
πŸ“Œ [55:22] State of the ecommerce industry in 2020 and beyond
πŸ“Œ [59:13] The massive new audience that just opened up

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