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Conversations With a Marketer: The Anthony Paluzzi Tapes

Affiliate Marketing

Conversations With a Marketer: The Anthony Paluzzi Tapes

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This week on Conversations With a Marketer, join Affiliate World’s Chad Wilton as he deep dives into the mind of pay per call authority Anthony Paluzzi.

Uncover his story of how he went from being an affiliate spending $20/day on Google AdWords pay per call to driving millions of calls a year through brand building, asset acquisition, and advanced media buying.

Discover and learn:
☎️ [00:00] Intro
☎️ [07:36] His first big win as a pay per call affiliate
☎️ [09:22] The evolution of pay per call
☎️ [12:24] Affiliate tricks to hack the system and spot frauds
☎️ [15:26] What pay per call verticals are trending right now
☎️ [16:56] His proven methodology to getting into the minds of customers
☎️ [20:10] Why he built his own pay per call network
☎️ [26:20] The importance of remarketing
☎️ [28:08] How voice search will play a part in pay per call
☎️ [30:03] Where he thinks the industry is heading in 2020 and 2021
☎️ [33:34] His top tips for pay per call newbies

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